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Exclusive villas in Antiparos, just 200m from the sea for rental or sale!

For the very demanding.

Antiparos Luxury Villas are located in Antiparos, the center of Cyclades Islands in the Aegean,  and consist of three (3) independent luxury villas (360 sq.m., 135 sq.m., 160 sq.m) on a lot 6.000 sq.m., built in 2010-2011.

From the terrace, there is a panoramic view of the sea in a Southeasterly direction, from where you can view Cycladic islands of Ios, Sikinos, Santorini, Heraclia, Koufonisia, Naxos and Paros.

Access to the house: By boat or plane to Paros and 5min ferry to Antiparos harbor.

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Paradise is here!!!

Small, charming, virgin island.

Located in the center of the “Cyclades”, a group of islands arranged in a circle, at the southern part of the Aegean Archipelago.
The island is surrounded by seas, famous for the transparency of the water, the bright sun, as viewed in the movie Big Blue and dry weather with zero humidity.
With an area of 45 sq. miles, it is surrounded by sandy virgin beaches, caressed by emerald seas, with an abundance of shores, filled with cedar trees (designated as protected areas by “Natura” 2000 network).
The island offers several historical attractions, as follows:

  • The famous cave of Antiparos, visited by various European personalities as early as 1600’s with incredible stalactites and
    Stalagmites. One particular stalactite is calculated to be 45 million old, and it is the largest one is Europe.
  • The castle built by the Venitians, in the center of Antiparos village, dating from 1640.
  • Visit Despotiko island, where archeologists have unearthed an entire ancient city, built to complement the sanctuary of the
    Ancient Greek god Apollo.

The village of Antiparos, has a variety of Restaurants, Tavernas, Fast food places, Coffee houses and Bars. In the summer, the main street and main square of the town of Antiparos, are filled with people; both Greek as well as International tourists. Most bars stay open until the early hours of the evening, with loud disco music, and dancing, for those who like an intensive night life.
On the other hand, for those who like a quiet, restful vacation, the relaxing island life can be found as well, in the quiet restaurants on the “side” streets of the village (off main road and main square) and in the virgin beaches, found throughout the island’s shores, where established beaches have not yet been created.

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    Antiparos 840 07, Soros, Cyclades, Greece

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